Business optimisation

Excellence through Optimisation.

We will challenge your people to think in this way to drive bottom line improvements and develop a platform for innovation and growth.

With decades of experience within the team, Westsafe consults deliver the highest calibre of consulting advice and work to each of our beloved clients. Our business optimisation methodology aims to solve three questions:

  • What is your Current State?
  • What is your desired Future State?
  • How do we get you from Current to Future State?

Whether you’re interested in a full review of your business or prefer to zone in on a particular element, we align to Lean and Agile methodologies when delivering our services and engaging with our clients.


Designed specifically to answer the above three key questions, we offer diagnostic, strategy development and implementation services covering all elements of the value chain.

Current State

Our Diagnostic services typically include the following services:

  • review and assess the performance of your business;
  • conduct stakeholder interviews;
  • review relevant data points;
  • compare to appropriate benchmarks;
  • review processes as a way to identify problems and pain points;
  • identify and assess opportunities; and
  • develop recommendations and action plans for improvement.

Future State 

Our Strategy services are undertaken on a project-basis (depending on your requirements) and include but are not limited to:

  • conducting strategy sessions;
  • creating a vision for the future; and
  • exploring innovation pathways.

The Journey

We implement what we create.   Once there is an agreement on where you want to get to, our team will work alongside yours to maximise the value of a range of projects through the accelerated delivery and relentless tracking of benefits realisation.