Westsafe Services are a team of dedicated safety consultants who are passionate about all aspects of safety. Our primary objective is to make workplaces safer through innovative transformation programs tailored to your organisation’s needs.

The safety services we provide are designed to complement and improve your existing structures, not create new ones. We understand every organisation is different, so Westsafe Services we offer a variety of flexible delivery options for our safety services and products.

Tell us about your safety services
Why do I need a safety consultant?

Do you know your obligations under which you operate?

At Westsafe Services, we specialise in legislation interpretation and realistic application through our Safety division consultant’s extensive knowledge and experience in this field.

Whether you’re a large organisation with overflow work, or a small organisation without sufficient Health and Safety expertise, you should consider engaging the services of a safety consultant. We can advise on issues impacting on the safety of workers such as workplace hazards, environmental and organisational factors, safety management systems, or improving the safety culture of the organisation.

Our range of products and services includes:

Legislative compliance
  • Site Audits & Gap Analysis
  • Hazard Identification & Risk Assessments
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Safe Work Guidelines / Safe Work Method Statements
  • Incident Investigations
  • Culture and Perception Surveys
Full Safety Management System development
  • Policies
  • Procedures
  • Processes
  • Forms & Templates

Our Compliance services – auditing and assurance – provide you with an understanding of where your business is performing well and where there may be opportunities for improvement, providing you with a plan to reach and maintain compliance. Support and assistance in implementing systems throughout your organisation. Review effectiveness and compliance of current Safety processes.

Westsafe’s Experience in Safety Services

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